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The Miracle by Carnegriff

I was quite emotionally and spiritually touched with this piece of beautiful art. The subject matter, colour palette, and overall heavenly glow of this piece are really quite soothing to the soul. The only advice I proffer you is to now take things to the next level of artistic expertise. Start to think about the tonal range of your subject, what the eye should be drawn to (the piece's focal point,) and about reducing the amount of business or 'colour noise' that occurs outside of the piece's focus point. These are just refinements that you can add to your already impressive knowledge of effective artistic principles.
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Carnegriff Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Hi there and thanks for your great critiwque - take on board all of your observations. tonal range is something that I need to keep an eye on for sure especially with the variation of fine line and wash. I suppose the thing that hinders this kind of planning is the spontaneity that I use to create each piece - I started the piece miracle with no intention of incorporating the star shaped composition, but as the piece developed the star configuration of apple seeds seem to grow to fill the whole page and sometimes it's nice just to let the flow of drawing take over. I think you are right though - it is getting the balance between process and finished result that is important. Thanks so much for your constructive input. Interesting that your opinion should contrast so strongly with the other critique on the page - just serves to illustrate how subjective art is I suppose. For one person there is an emotional connection, to another the work is simply about technique. The good thing I suppose is that it prompts a response either emotionally or intellectually.
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